"It's important to take bad pictures. It's the bad ones that have to do with what you've never done before. They can make you recognize something you hadn't seen in a way that will make you recognize it when you see it again."

— Diane Arbus

For over a decade, 5Pointz was a hub for artists from all over the world. Under the curatorial direction of multi-talented Jonathan “Meres” Cohen, the walls of this 20,0000 square foot factory were transformed into the world’s largest open-air aerosol museum.

Located at Jackson Avenue and Davis Street in Long Island City, 5Pointz was a Mecca of creativity attracting droves of visitors every day. On weekends, MCs, musicians and breakdancers added to the already exuberant atmosphere of 5Pointz’s distinct energy.

This all came to a halt on November 19, 2013, when the walls of 5Pointz were whitewashed under the direction of the building’s owners.

I took the following images in June 2013, just a few months before its demise.