Here’s my bio, written in the third person — you know, so it sounds less pompous.

Engin is a multidisciplinary designer and a self-taught photographer based in Queens, New York. He was born in Istanbul, Türkiye, and immigrated to the United States at the age of 25.

He started photography at fifteen with a film camera and began shooting professionally in his thirties, with digital. His work explores all aspects of the urban environment, combining elements of portrait, fine art, documentary, and architecture photography, inspired in large by the urban psyche of the two metropolises he calls home: Istanbul and New York.

What he fails to articulate with words, he strives to express through his photographs. He’s usually in love with what he photographs — in that sense, he tells love stories.

His commissioned work has been published in the New York Times and Time Out New York. One of his documentary pieces was displayed on Times Square for NFT NYC in 2022.

For project or print sale inquiries, or just to say hello, please email:

Engin Beri
Engin with his NFT on Times Square (middle photograph) at NFT NYC 2022, thanks to Sloika.