“Storyteller” is an overused term these days, but at heart, I am a storyteller.

I’m an introvert by nature and words don’t come easy to me, so photographs are my attempt at conversation. I tend to document my own life and surroundings, and photograph things that are meaningful or exciting to me on a personal level. I enjoy shooting in documentary style – blend in and disappear in the crowd and make spontaneous, unstaged images. I’m usually in love with what I choose to photograph. In that sense, I tell love stories.

I’m available to discuss collaborative projects and / or freelance commissions, as well as photographing life and live events, such as couples or live performances.

You may contact me directly at enginberi@gmail.com

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Engin Beri Photography
Engin, Art Institute of Chicago, 2014 • Photographed by Semih Aben