I am a Turkish-American photographer based in New York City. My creative journey started in the graphic design industry, and expanded to web design in mid-nineties. After coming to America in 2000, I worked in communication design and branding agencies.

After over a decade, I became independent and had more time for myself. When a friend suggested we take photography classes together, I obliged. This re-ignited my fascination with photography and made me realize this is what I really wanted to do.

An introvert by nature, words don’t come easy to me, so photographs are my attempt at conversation. My photography explores documentary-style urban themes, drawing inspiration from street photography of Levitt, Guler, Faurer, Maier, and Meyerowitz. I’m usually in love with what I choose to photograph. In that sense, I tell love stories.

For project or print sale enquiries, please email me at hello@enginberi.photography

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Engin Beri Photography
At Art Institute of Chicago, 2014 • Photo Credit: Semih Aben